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Love and Peace for All Inc. is a Canadian holistic healing, metaphysical, spiritual wellness centre. Based in Ontario, the centre brings traditional holistic, healing practices and modalities to all of humanity.

We are now able to provide virtual training and practices to people all around the world: from online psychic and tarot readings to virtual yoga, meditation and reiki sessions.

Our store offers items to clear space, balance your chakra energy system, and support holistic healing practices like yoga, meditation and reiki. In addition, they complement practices such as life coaching and the Ayurvedic yogic lifestyle of healthy living and nutrition.

We are a Canadian company, and strive to support local artisans, helping the local economy and the effort to shop local. We source our product only through local suppliers, allowing us a connection with each piece of the whole.

Each item you see was considered, chosen, and applied within our own practice. Each has its purpose and its place. Each contains a beautiful purpose and energy. The mission, purpose, and mantra of the business is at the core of our identity: Love and Peace for All.



7 Chakras Healing - Love and Peace for All


The Love and Peace for All logo was devised using the tenets of sacred geometry, which you can see throughout the design. Sacred geometry can be observed in everything from the subatomic to the interstellar – the patterns that flow through the entirety of the universe.

Each of the seven chakras is represented. We used the golden ratio (also known as the divine proportion) to delineate a central flower of life within the Anahata (Heart Chakra), directing energy down to the Muladhara (Root Chakra). The flower itself, reminiscent of the lotus, is also representative of the earth’s energy and mother nature. The lines of the petals follow the sacred cycle.

The circles above and below the Anahata (heart chakra), are representations of the movement of the sun, planetary, and lunar systems, including the chakra system.


Ayaz Kassam and Shafique Karmali share a great deal of background, ideals, and practices. They bring valuable, complementary energies and skill sets to Love and Peace for All Inc.

Both born in East Africa and raised in Canada, Ayaz and Shafique have known each other since their teenage years. They kept close throughout their journeys – and, before you know it, serendipity brought them together to create Love and Peace for All Inc.


Yoga Practitioner - Love and Peace for All

Yoga instructor, Lifestyle Coach, Vastu master, Energy practitioner

Mantra: Always practicing with goodness, kindness, and purity

Ayaz’s background is in Industrial Design. His respect for ancient practices clicked with a keen interest in the possibilities of holistic modern human practices and function.

Through a varied career, he has used his skills and intuitions designing art galleries, working with global packaging design firms, and guiding offices in paper-intensive industries into more sustainable practices through digital innovations.

Around a decade ago, Ayaz began a new stage of his journey, taking a Landmark course that opened up new possibilities. His perceptions shifted, he continued his personal development with spiritual practice and yoga to have a more balanced lifestyle.

Focused meditation brought discoveries and awakenings, bringing forward knowledge and experience.

Ayaz, a Torontonian, has always surrounded himself with all of the natural elements to bring balance and spirituality to his life. For four years, Ayaz has been managing a holistic healing and wellness centre in downtown Toronto, which has allowed him to gain experience in this realm.

He was in exactly the right place – physically, mentally, and spiritually – when the opportunity arose to work with Shafique.

“Life humbles you over time. When you find that spot – the right road or path – you have to stick to it and finish off the right way. I want to use my time in this journey to help humanity.”


Meditation Instructor - Love and Peace for All

Meditation instructor, practitioner, lifestyle coach, mentor

Mantra: Align with the divine

Shafique forged a career in fashion, working his way up from part-time retail worker to regional manager of dozens of fashion stores.

His hands-on approach to everything from visual merchandising, to operations, to human resources kept his innovations fresh. His unique strength, though, is a strong intuition within humanity: instinctively knowing the right people for the right roles. Combined, these skills led to a profitable, successful, ethical operation.

Shafique lives in Toronto. The city inspires him with the vibrancy and diversity of its energy. His empathy and kinship have also served in his ongoing work with the community: from young people struggling with mental health, to seniors needing support, to Syrian refugees settling in Canada.

Shafique is now a meditation instructor, life coach, and mentor, drawing experience from a lifetime of practice.

“A lot of people were coming to me in need of help, and so I started helping. Teaching meditation, giving guidance. And then the divine guidance – the divine synchronicity – brought Ayaz and me together for this work.”


At its core, Love and Peace for All exists to help those who seek guidance. People come to us because they want to learn about themselves, and to start their journey to heal from within. That can be achieved in many ways, guided by the knowledge of the seven energy Meridian system – the chakra system.

We draw wisdom from many ancient cultures, all serving the divine energy on distinct, parallel paths. Our lessons, readings, guidance, and physical products each play a part. Above all, we want to inspire you to tune in to your physical and spiritual self, a journey which will allow you to connect mind, body, and soul. We can help you integrate your new knowledge into a sustainably peaceful way of life.

If you would like advice on how to apply something within your own practice, please ask us – it’s what we do best. We’re here to help and guide you through your journey.

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