Brass Chakra 4" Singing Bowl - Third Eye

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The chakra-themed brass singing bowl promotes balance and healing by resonating with the body's energy centers, offering relaxation, stress relief, and spiritual connection.

To use a singing bowl, follow these steps:

1. Find a quiet and calm space.
2. Place the singing bowl on a flat surface, ensuring it is stable.
3. Hold the mallet gently and firmly.
4. Gently strike the edge of the bowl with the mallet to create a soothing sound.
5. Alternatively, you can rub the mallet around the rim of the bowl in a circular motion to produce a continuous and resonating sound.
6. As the sound fills the space, focus on the vibrations and immerse yourself in the calming sensations.
7. You can also use the singing bowl during meditation, by focusing on the sound and allowing it to guide your thoughts and bring inner peace.
8. Experiment with different techniques and explore the unique sounds and vibrations of the singing bowl.

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At its core, Love and Peace for All exists to help those who seek guidance. People come to us during their own spiritual journey. Learning about themselves, and to heal from within. That can be achieved in many ways, guided by the knowledge of the seven energy Meridian system – the chakra system.


Great card readers and healing practitioners. Their store has such an abundant variety of crystals, jewelry, and incense. I'm like a kid in a candy store!

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I keep coming back! These guys have such a wonderful energy about them. Their workshops are full of enlightening information that I've made a part of my daily rituals.

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