Ametrine Chip Bracelet

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Ametrine Chip Bracelet - The Perfect Fusion of Serenity and Energy

Experience the unique blend of tranquility and vitality with our Ametrine Chip Bracelet, showcasing the harmonious balance of amethyst and citrine.

Ametrine is a powerful combination that connects the physical realm with higher consciousness. This stone is believed to foster clarity, concentration, and harmonize perception and action. It brings together the calming, relaxing properties of amethyst with the uplifting, energizing effects of citrine, making it perfect for those seeking balance and a connection to their higher selves.

Each Ametrine Chip Bracelet is crafted with care, featuring naturally formed ametrine chips that have been tumbled and polished for a smooth feel against your skin. The stretchable design ensures a comfortable fit for everyday wear, while the varying purple and yellow hues of each bead make your bracelet as unique as you are.

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