White Sage Cleansing Stick - Local & Organic - 3 Pack

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To remove toxic energies from people, objects, and environments. When burned, it produces a clean and refreshing aroma that energizes and wards off negativity from people, things, and environments.

The smoke arising from the burned plant attaches itself to negative energy. When the smoke exits through an opened window or door, it takes with it all the negative energies to make room for positive energies.

The ancient practice of burning traditional plants and medicines helps remove negative energies from the mind, heart, body, soul, and space. Among the white sage, benefits are leaving you feeling calmer, more focused, and more grounded, ready to grab life again by the horns.

These organic pesticide/herbicide-free herbs are sustainably grown and processed in Ontario, Canada. These cleansing sticks are bundled as most are accustomed to; the burning speed varies depending on how tightly bundled each stick may be. Please keep in mind that this is not the sage from California, USA.

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