Important Things You Should Know about the Dragon's Blood Crystal!

Important Things You Should Know about the Dragon's Blood Crystal!

You can certainly meditate anytime and anywhere. But did you know that some tools can help with the practice? Crystals, for example, have been used for healing and protection throughout history, and meditating with them can help you raise consciousness. Using the dragon's blood crystal is a great way to start.

The dragon's blood crystal is also known as the dragon blood jasper. It’s a quartz stone with a distinctive green and red coloration. It is found in Australia and South Africa, where early humans believed that the stone is the petrified skin and blood of fallen dragons!

This stone has several means and metaphysical properties, including:

  • Promoting creativity, courage, and strength of will
  • Awakening the kundalini (or dragon energy) in humans to activate the Earth's own energy
  • Activating and balancing all chakras
  • Promoting fertility and sex drive
  • Helping users give up outdated ways and start focusing on better aspects of life
  • Providing support and guidance when moving to a new location

How to use the dragon's blood crystal?

The dragon blood jade can be activated with the affirmation: The fire within ignites infinite creativity, love, and protection. It is connected with the heart chakra and root chakra, releasing fear and increasing physical strength.

Here are few ideas for using the crystal in your daily life:

  • Wear it as a bracelet, anklet, or necklace
  • Meditate with the stone on your heart chakra to gain personal power rooted in love
  • Carry the stone when you're looking for new apartments or houses
  • Take the stone with you when dealing with demanding tasks, such as a sports competition or an important presentation at work
  • Keep the stone close when you are painting, drawing, making music, or doing other creative activities

You can also pair the stone with Labradorite, a crystal known as the talisman of the dragon's heart!