White Sage and Cedar Smudge

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The ritual of burning herbs is common to many cultures in the world.  From burning of frankincense in Eastern European churches to the holy incenses of Asia. The purification of space through this method is a global phenomenon and one that anyone can benefit from

Sage is primarily used to bless, clear & cleanse any space or individual. It is most often use to get rid anyone of any unwanted thoughts, emotions or energies in the same way we would wash off dirt & anything unwanted off the body.  Sage is great to burn in any space after a disagreement or when dealing with someone who is upset or anxious.  There are a number of species of sage but it most important to remember regardless of the species of sage they are all for healing, meditating & cleansing of the space & person in it.  Sage is an amazing disinfectant or anti-bacterial when burnt.  As it burns it disinfects any space of allergens or bacteria. 

Cedar is most often used for protection, purification & prosperity.  It allows or provides anyone to strengthen one’s personal space with good spirits & energies by driving out negative energies. Cedar allows the bridge between worlds to be opened assisting prayers to rise to the heavens & other realms.  

As a combination sage & cedar allows for any space to be cleared of negative energies or thoughts & at the same time secure the space for good energies/spirits.  An amazing combination together to clear & balance a space.

Shell used for display purposes & not included with smudge.  The herbs are combine in a 8" bundle with cotton twine.  

All of the smudging herbs that Hamsa Heaven sells is grown and bundled by a local grower that respects and understands the smudging process.  For this reason, all of our smudge is purchased from him exclusively.  

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