How Can Crystal Healing Help in Stabilising Body and Mind?

How Can Crystal Healing Help in Stabilising Body and Mind?

Crystal healing is a practice that started in the earliest civilizations. Historical records prove that people of ancient Sumerian and Egyptian societies adorned themselves with crystals and gemstones not only for fashion but also for healing. Kings in the past wore crowns, amulets, and other jewelry pieces with crystals because they are believed to offer protection and enhance skills!

Today, some people are quick to dismiss crystal healing as pseudoscience. Still, a lot of people swear by the power of the crystals in promoting body and mind wellness, and they are not doing this without basis. Their claims are backed by scientific research. How exactly crystal healing can benefit your health?

By emitting vibrational energy

The healing properties of crystals lie in their vibrational energy. The frequency of each type varies. The energy that crystals give off interact with other energy around them. As the human body has vibration energy, it naturally reacts when it is touching or holding crystals. Just as magnets can repel and attract other metals, crystals can also transform, move, and shift the body's vibrational energy, depending on their energy structure. Those crystals that have higher frequencies have stronger energy fields and are more likely to impact one's personal vibration.

By balancing vibrational energy

Illness occurs when the body energy goes out of balance. Using crystals can help bring these frequencies back to normal and thus, restore health. For crystal healing to be effective, the crystal should come into contact with the part of the body that requires healing. For example, if you are dealing with a sore throat or a heart problem, then you should wear a crystal necklace.

By connecting with your seven chakras

Chakras are the seven major energy points that are located in different parts of the body. Crystals work usually by aligning with the seven chakras and balancing the energy in the body. Crystals can eliminate negative energy and stabilise your emotions. As a result, you will feel less anxious or nervous, develop better self-esteem, and enhance your creativity!